A little bit about us.

Welcome to JaguarStadium.com.

We are not affiliated with the NFL (National Football League), Jacksonville Jaguars, or any of their official representatives, in any way. They do not own this site, they do not pay for this site, they do not influence anything we write on this site.

We were just normal, hard working North Florida people. One day, the news told us we were going to get one of those new NFL franchises. And so, it began.

The Jacksonville Jaguars transformed our lives. We had a reason to be excited. We became fans, and we became collectors.

Eventually, our Jaguars collection became too much, and we started selling it off via Ebay and Amazon. We were getting a lot of requests for more stuff. We realized that the local love for the Jaguars is downright amazing. It’s surprising, because the team isn’t much to be excited about in recent years, and there is a constant rumbling of them being sold to another city. No matter, the fans stay fans. Hardcore. And with that, JaguarStadium.com was born.

The Jacksonville Jaguars play in Everbank Field (at least this year). The name Jaguar Stadium came to be simply because it’s what a fair percentage of locals refer to the stadium as. We used that for our site name, because our hearts are always on that field.

Our site is designed for the Jacksonville Jaguars fan. We have everything you need to throw the best tailgate party, or to redecorate your home and everything else in between. We search the web for the stuff a fan needs, and we bring it all back here to one convenient place. Which means we do not actually sell any of the products here ourselves. When you click the Buy button on our site, you will be sent to a new site that will handle the order for you. We have a contract with each site that sells here, and there are very exacting standards in place to ensure this is a completely safe process for you as a buyer.

If you do have an issue with an order, please do contact our customer service department. We might not sell the items, but we will certainly help you to resolve an issue that comes as a result of this site.

The website itself was done for us by Determined Design, and is a part of the shopping service The Entropy Network.

Please enjoy the site, and support the Jaguars!