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Our Guarantee is simple: If any item we sell is ever found to be of doubtful authenticity, we will issue an immediate and no-questions-asked refund. Thankfully, in our 12-year history as an online memorabilia retailer, we have never had an item returned for authenticity. The excellent reputation of each supplier we do business with is the reason we stand behind every item we sell. Since we opened our hand-signed memorabilia division in 1996, we’ve built relationships with the most reputable memorabilia companies in the business.

Mounted Memories Certificate of Authenticity
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Global Authentics
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Mounted Memories: Since 1989, Mounted Memories has been a premier supplier of genuine sports memorabilia and licensed, unsigned sports products. The company creates its hand-crafted products with respect to market demand. Mounted Memories needs more than 50,000 square feet of warehouse space to keep its stock of autographed memorabilia and display cases. A wholly owned subsidiary of the sports memorabilia and licensed products firm Dreams, Inc., Mounted Memories is respected by people within the memorabilia industry and memorabilia collectors. The company has exclusive signing contracts with some of the most popular athletes across a number of sports including John Elway, Mike Schmidt, Dan Marino and Pete Rose. Mounted Memories acquires its signed memorabilia through either company-sponsored athlete signings or signings held in the presence of authorized company representatives. Each item sold through Mounted Memories comes with a Certification Card to verify its authenticity. The Mounted Memories COA looks and feels like a credit card and is made of durable plastic. The card reads “Congratulations you have just purchased a hand-signed collectible, personally autographed by:” followed by the athlete’s name. The card also bears the company’s tamper-resistant hologram that matches the hologram affixed to the product. The card also displays the Mounted Memories log and authenticity guarantee. Both the NFL and MLB recognized Mounted Memories as official distributors of autographed products. Certificate of Authenticity: Items certified with the COA will arrive with a credit card-style certificate of authenticity and a tamper proof hologram affixed to the product. The serial number on the COA will match the one printed on the hologram. Owners can then use the serial number assigned to their product to look up their item in our online database.

Upper Deck: Since 1988, Upper Deck has been a pioneer in the autograph authentication process. The company revolutionized the trading card industry by introducing a new technology that improved the overall quality of the card and added a hologram that prevented their cards from being counterfeited. Upper Deck memorabilia goes through a five-step authentication process. First, an Upper Deck Authenticated representative attends every athlete signing and witnesses every autograph that is signed. Next, the UDA representative and the athlete sign off on a record of the autograph session, which is kept by UDA in a permanent file. Third, each piece of autographed memorabilia is affixed with a serial numbered hologram. Next, a certificate of authenticity is issued to every piece of memorabilia. The Upper Deck Certificate of Authenticity is approximately the size of a large greeting card and is printed on glossy card stock. Included on this certificate is a hologram that matches the one affixed to the item. Finally, each piece of UDA autographed memorabilia is packaged with a registration card. When you by an item authenticated by Upper Deck, you have the opportunity to register your purchase with Upper Deck Authenticated. Should you decide to sell that item later, you can provide the new owner with a detailed record of that item’s history.

Panini: Every piece of memorabilia offered by Panini Authentic comes with a 100% authenticity guarantee. 1. Every Panini Authentic signing session is conducted and witnessed by an official employee of Panini America, Inc. 2. At the conclusion of each session, a notarized affidavit is signed and dated by the athlete and a Panini America, Inc. representative. The affidavit details each piece of autographed memorabilia. This affidavit is then stored at our corporate location. 3. Once each piece of signed memorabilia is inspected by a Panini America, Inc. employee for the highest level of quality and accuracy, a tamper-resistant serialized hologram is affixed. 4. A matching hologram is placed on a certificate of authenticity which lists detailed information about the item. 5. The unique serialized number is recorded in the Panini Authentic database.

Steiner Sports: “The Steiner Seal Means It’s Real” is the motto of Steiner’s memorabilia division, and every product they sell delivers on that promise. Steiner Sports broke into the sports business world in 1987 and since then, the company has established itself as a leading supplier of authentic, signed memorabilia. Steiner has exclusive autograph deals with a number of athletes including Derek Jeter, David Ortiz, Tony Hawk, Johnny Damon, Joe Torre, Tiki Barber, Paul O’Neil and Curt Schilling. Steiner acquires its signed merchandise through paid athlete signings. Each piece of memorabilia is inspected for quality. If a signed collectible passes this examination, it is affixed with a Steiner Sports hologram in the presence of a Steiner Sports representative. Once the tamper-proof holograms have been affixed to the product, it is catalogued and inventoried. A notarized affidavit is prepared and signed by both the athlete and a company representative. This document records the date and location of the signing and includes details about the specific item signed. This document is kept within the Steiner Sports flagship office. After this, a Steiner Sports Certificate of Authenticity is created for the item. The Steiner Sports Certificate of Authenticity is the size of a credit card and made of durable plastic. The text on the card reads, “This certificate is your assurance that the enclosed item of sports memorabilia has been personally signed by the state sports/celebrity/celebrities.” It also displays the Steiner logo, a facsimile signature of company president Brandon Steiner, and on the reverse include a hologram specific to the product as well as a description of the item and matching barcode. Some Steiner products, however, come with a card-stock COA rather than the card version. Once the COA has been issued, the item is secured within the Steiner Sports main office and is not handled again until purchase.

PSA/DNA: Items that have been certified authentic by PSA/DNA are traceable through an online database. All PSA/DNA items are assigned certification numbers that are visible on the product’s certificate of authenticity and tamper-proof hologram. PSA/DNA provides buyers with the item’s authentication date, a product description, location of the signing and a photo of the item. In some cases, PSA/DNA will also include a letter certifying the product’s authenticity.

James Spence Authentication: An expert in the field of authentication, James Spence and his team of autograph verification experts certify autographed memorabilia for individuals, auction houses and memorabilia suppliers. Each JSA certified item is reviewed individually by all of JSA’s experts. When personal inspection isn’t enough to verify an item’s authenticity, JAA employs a high-technology authentication tool to back up the experts’ opinions. Items that meet JSA standards are issued Letters of Authenticity, which have become the gold standard in the autographed memorabilia industry. JSA certified items are also issued identification numbers, so collectors and look up their items in the company’s online database.

AROD COA: Certain pieces of Alex Rodriguez memorabilia sold through come with an additional certificate of authenticity. Products that are issued with an AROD Certificate of Authenticity are also affixed with tamper-evident holograms and are assigned serial numbers. The number that appears on the hologram matches the one on the COA. Products that are accompanied by AROD COAs also arrive with a photograph of Alex Rodriguez taken at the product signing.

CC Sabathia COA: Certain pieces of CC Sabathia memorabilia sold through come with an additional certificate of authenticity. Products that are issued with an CC Sabathia Certificate of Authenticity are also affixed with tamper-evident holograms and are assigned serial numbers. The number that appears on the hologram matches the one on the COA. Products that are accompanied by CC\’s COA also arrive with a photograph of CC taken at the product signing.

Global Authentics: Using state-of-the-art security detection technology, GA’s authentication experts have set the standard for sports memorabilia authentication. Items that are reviewed by GA are subject to side-by-side comparisons, ink/medium analysis, autograph structure evaluations and object evaluations. If an object passes, either the item or a Letter of Authenticity is affixed with a tamper evident label bearing a unique serial number. All GA certified items come with a Letter of Authenticity, a photogram of the item, certification number and Certificate of Authenticity. Owners can use the serial number assigned to their item to check their collectible GA’s online database.

Schwartz Sports: Schwartz Sports organizes hundreds of public and private athlete signings annually, making them one of the leading suppliers of autographed sports memorabilia in the industry. Schwartz is the exclusive autograph distributor for a number of athletes including Barry Sanders and Ron Santo. Schwartz Sports acquires its merchandise through public and private signings. A company representative is present at each signing to personally witness each piece being autographed. The Schwartz Sports Certificate of Authenticity is printed on 4”x5” card stock. Printed on the COA is the company’s guarantee that the item purchased was signed by the athlete. A hologram is affixed to the COA and the document is signed by the company president. The COA also lists the company’s contact information and address.