We love Jacksonville, and thought we should share some of our favorite links.

The Jacksonville Jaguars Man Cave Merchandise Amazon Store. Nice little fan shop.

Bpmstaug.com is a vacation rental company based in St. Augustine, Fl. It’s a good place to rent if you’re coming into Jacksonville for a game. Sleepy little beach town, none of the big city bustle, 30 minutes from Jacksonville.

Hotels.com. Or you could just grab a hotel room in Jacksonville.

Universal Studios Orlando – Best Deals!

SeaWorld Tickets, Save 20% – From $75!

Discount Orlando Theme Park Tickets!

The Florida Aquarium – Save 20%

Play With Dolphins at Discovery Cove!

Daytona All Access Tour – Save BIG!

Gatorland – The Alligator Capital of the World! – Save 25%

LEGOLAND Florida – Save Big on Tickets!

Best Orlando Hotels! Rates From $50!

Save BIG on Walt Disney World Tickets!

Florida Vacation Rentals

It’s always good to have friends!

We are part of a small, private network of shops. Some links to the other stores our network are:

AlienSamurai.com – Video games, at great prices. They have quite the selection of thing – vintage consoles, next gen systems, games, accessories of all types. Pretty comprehensive gaming site.

EatNails.com – Heavy metal music, and everything that goes along with it. They have CDs, t-shirts, guitars, drums, all everything else you need to headbang.

ScarPong.com – Beer, Pong, and more. ScarPong offer their own unique twist on Beerpong, and if you play the game or enjoy the drink, check out their site.

SpookyPooky.com – Costumes for all occasions. Women, Men, Children, Couples – SpookyPooky has a costume for you.

ThisIsWhatImWearing.com – All the funniest t-shirts on the internet, in one convenient place.